Former Argosy University students return to the classroom at new school


Eighty students and more than a dozen faculty members are back in the classroom this semester, after Argosy University in Eagan closed in March.

This fall, Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington added five new programs to its curriculum, specifically catered to students who had their studies interrupted earlier this year.

Students, like Will Colling, were unable to transfer credits to other local programs. Colling had planned to start from scratch, even though he'd been working toward his certificate in radiation technology for two semesters.

'It was stressful, it was surprising,' Colling said, thinking back to earlier this year. 'My only other option would be to start over and lose all the progress.'

With help from its accreditors, Northwestern Health Sciences created the new programs that mirror the Argosy curriculum.

Bloomington-based university to take on Argosy students and faculty

'We were able to tell students, 'hey, we have a home for you,'' said Northwestern Health Sciences President Dr. Deb Bushway. 'You can pick up where you left off, you'll get the degree you signed up for, there's no re-doing.'

Katy Richard is one of those students. She had been studying at Argosy to be a medical assistant.

'It just felt like all my worries and fears were going to be okay,' she said after she was accepted into Northwestern's new program.

Northwestern also absorbed many of the faculty members from Argosy, like Julie Beaudoin. She is now the program director for the radiological sciences.

'That was nice to actually be able to give some hope to the students,' Beaudoin said. 'We have 80 students that get to fulfill their dreams of being a medical lab tech or an X-Ray tech that otherwise wouldn't have had that chance.'

The students from Argosy are the only ones allowed in the new programs at this time. Bushway said they wanted to limit enrollment this fall to get everyone settled and work out any growing pains.

Enrollment will open to the general public in January.